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Steel Shark Cut-off Wheel
Steel Shark Cut-off Wheels

Steel Shark™ Hot-Pressed Cut-off Wheels

For heavy service where the metal sections are large or high pressures are applied, and top strength is essential, Buckeye reinforced hot pressed BHF Class "Steel Shark" cut-off wheels are recommended. These are manufactured in two shapes: Type 1 straight and Type 27 depressed center.

Large diameter BHF Type 1, straight "Steel Shark" cut-off wheels are made in diameters of 16″ to 30″. BHF construction for heavy duty operations employs internal and external high strength fiber glass reinforcing. Exceptional resistance to breakage is assured by Buckeye's exclusive bonding technique.

BHF "Steel Shark" wheels with depressed centers (Type 27) are available in 20″, 24″, and 30″ diameters for use with swing-frame or hydraulic-pressure cut-off machines. A special recessed flange permits cuts close to the casting face in order to reduce or eliminate finish grinding operations.

Key to the high production speed and durability of Steel Shark wheels are the deep, precisely molded grooves that collect and spin off chips, keeping the cutting path clear under pressure.

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